FBI Filmed Events in Kenosha from a Drone(s) & We Don’t Know Why


The FBI was in Kenosha the night of the Rittenhouse shootings. We have since learned that the FBI held an HD version. The FBI footage was shown to the jury during the testimony of one of the agents who captured the footage with the drone, FBI agent Brandon Craimin.

It came out in testimony that there is or was a 2nd film shot. It was not supplied to the defense.

The lead lawyer representing Rittenhouse, Mark Richards, said that there was other video footage captured by the FBI, that was no longer available. He was told the FBI lost it. Richards reportedly said it is “preposterous” that the FBI allegedly lost the footage.

Prosecutor Thomas Binger said the FBI is “not under our control” to which Judge Schroeder said, “I don’t get this,” Schroeder reportedly went on to say. “This is a criminal prosecution … if there is going to be cloak and dagger stuff. What’s going on?”

The case, in general, has been a “train wreck” as Andrew Branca at Legal Insurrection called it. The prosecution is disassembling its own case, helping the defense.

So far, the prosecution doesn’t appear to have the goods, and the FBI film points to self-defense.

There are various videos that were taken at the scene.  There are several videos taken from different angles. There’s the FBI drone video directly over the shooting, and there’s another video on the ground in front of the gas station.

Why was the FBI over the shooting at the time of the shooting? Are there other drones surveilling Americans or did this one just get lucky? The violence extended over quite a few blocks. How did the FBI’s drone come to be in that spot at that time? Why were they there at all? Don’t we need warrants for this?

The police handle these matters, but, lo and behold, there’s the FBI back in our faces.

The FBI has conveniently lost video from that night. They lost it because they’re hiding it because they broke the law or for some other untoward reason. The FBI is an out-of-control agency of people we can’t trust.

How often does the FBI surveil Americans? Is this a thing?

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