Day 4 of Rittenhouse Trial Introduces 2nd victim Who Threatened to Gut His Brother Like a Pig


Friday was the fourth day of the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. The ADA Thomas Binger wants Kyle Rittenhouse convicted and sentenced to life in prison for having shot three men, two fatally, on the night of August 25, 2020, in Kenosha WI.

At the time, the city was suffering from rioting, looting, and arson following the deemed-lawful shooting of a knife-wielding Jacob Blake by Kenosha police officers.

This came to light when ADA Kraus revealed—intentionally or by accident—that the state’s narrative with respect to Huber was going to be that Huber was a hero who had died believing that he was saving the citizens of Kenosha from active shooter Kyle Rittenhouse, after being provoked by Kyle as a result of his shooting of Rosenbaum.

A witness for the prosecution said that as a child, Huber saved his family from an explosion.

The defense can counter the peaceful disposition characterization. They possess several criminal complaints against the then-living Huber in which he’d been credibly accused of horrendous conduct.  In one complaint he’d been charged with holding a large knife to the throat of his brother, and later also holding the knife to his brother’s stomach and threatening to “gut him like a pig,” for failing to clean his room.  There was also a complaint in which he’d taken a plea to a charge of strangling.  In another instance, he had threatened to burn down his home “with all you f’ers inside it!”

In any case, disposition doesn’t really matter. Even if Huber had the best of intentions, he was violently attacking Rittenhouse who has every right to defend himself.

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