FBI Nabs 66-Year-Old Lobbyist In AMAZING Takedown, No Shots Fired!



Seeing that dangerous political consultant Roger Stone, 66 years of age, taken off the streets is a relief. Stone is the El Chapo of politics apparently. He was nabbed by 29 heavily armed FBI agents who arrived in half-a-dozen police cars, 19 vehicles altogether, sirens blaring. They had their rifles drawn. Now we can all sleep at night.

I felt the same way when Jim Comey took that very dangerous Martha Stewart and her broker off the streets. We can all breathe freely now.

Martha Stewart was convicted of conspiracy, obstruction, and making false statements to federal investigators. Those are the same charges they leveled against Stone! She was sentenced in 2004 to five months in prison as a nonviolent, first-time offender. Her young broker got the same treatment.

James Comey was behind that ridiculous prosecution. They didn’t get her for the crime they claim she committed, they got her for the same process crimes they nailed Stone for allegedly committing.

But Hillary, she’s fine

Never mind that Hillary’s people bleach bit-ed and smashed hard drives with hammers and then didn’t show up for the congressional hearings. No problem! Her staff lied to Congress and then got immunity. Cool!

Let’s not consider the fact that everyone in Barack Obama’s family was a Communist, or that he and Hillary gave away the store to Russians. Certainly, we must also ignore the fact that we have actual Communists teaching in our universities and that our media is wholly corrupted. And don’t give a thought to our illicit government-corporation relationships.

We can all thank the Lord that no CNN reporter was harmed during the dangerous takedown of the 66-year-old, Roger Stone. Where ever would we get our news? It’s AMAZING he gave up without a Butch Cassidy-Sundance Kid style resistance.

CNN figured it out all on their own that they should show up at Roger Stone’s house at 5 a.m. today because they’re “smart.” That’s what they said, they’re “smart.” Who knew? They kept that secret.

Lead investigator for Mueller, Andrew Weissmann is likely the mover and shaker in that ‘dangerous’ capture. It’s what he does.

He had quite an excuse for using his fascist army 

The excuse for the raid was a good one, we say, our voices dripping with sarcasm. The Special Counsel’s office was concerned Roger Stone would destroy evidence or flee if notified about criminal charges in advance. In a motion Thursday requesting sealed indictment, SCO cited “risk of the defendant fleeing and destroying (or tampering with) evidence.”

Stone doesn’t even have a VALID PASSPORT! Where is he going to go?  New Jersey, Nebraska? Where?

Guess what? That’s a lie!

People like to call these FBI brass “overzealous” at worse, but that is not descriptive. What they are doing is mean-spirited and abusive. They want the targets to rat on the person they really want, and if the person lies and makes up something and swears to it, they are fine with it.

The DOJ/FBI isn’t prosecuting Roger Stone for conspiratorial anything with Russians as Mueller was charged to do. That’s because there wasn’t anything like that going on.

The FBI terrifies their targets into lying and covering up and then say, AHA! Got Ya! They say we knew if we asked you enough questions, you’d screw something up.

The Sentinel knows almost nothing about Roger Stone except that he was kicked off Twitter for cursing and insulting people, and he someone who hung around Donald Trump for a while, annoying people during the campaign. What we do know is that raid was beyond idiotic. The DOJ/FBI should be embarrassed. The fact that they aren’t humiliated, shows what buffoons they are.

The FBI/DOJ brought an army to capture an older guy who blathers on TV and to politicians. The FBI leadership are fools.

Our crack reporters at the Sentinel are smart too

They figured out there would be a raid at Stone’s house. We captured real footage of the Stone capture that CNN didn’t get. It’s in this next clip. We heard there was a wild chase and we were able to capture it as it went down.

I think I spotted Andrew Weissman in this clip. Watch Stone’s attempted escape in a blimp or something at the end.



Mueller has his own army and he can crush people. And he does to send a political message.


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4 years ago

This reminds me of Obama’s USDA that raided farms at 0530 to arrest the hardened farmers for selling raw milk. The US Marshalls under Bush43 and AG Alberto Gonzales pulled this same stunt on Dwayne Chapman at 0530 scaring his young children to appease the thieving Mexican government because of an arrest in Mexico that should not have happened then following their crooked system to get out of jail and leave their country. The crooked Mexican government wanted to extract money after Chapman’s TV show made him famous and Bush/Gonzales complied. At least today’s politicized FBI waits until 0600.

Frank S.
Frank S.
4 years ago

This kind of Gestapo type overreach in “capturing” a 66 year old, non-violent offender is really quite terrifying. I wonder if those rank and file FBI guys were thinking, “I did all that training for this political dog and pony show?”
The Sentinel video, outsmarting all the “smart” people on CNN, was brilliant.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

One of your best articles dripping with sharp wit and irony, our country is in the hands of zealous evil Tyrants, Socialists, Communists and Idiots.

4 years ago

I hope Roger Stone is vindicated. I don’t know much about him, but the way they handle people who associated with the President is something to ponder. It’s suspicious, at best. We know plenty about Hillary’s crimes and she walks free, even today. I’m told it’s because they’re building their case against her and the other criminals involved. I won’t hold my breath for an arrest. FBI = deep state!