FBI, police, knew in advance of the riot, no one told the President


There were warnings two days in advance that a violent group was planning to attack the Capitol on January 6th. They came wearing helmets with backpacks holding supplies like hammers and guns. Pelosi and McConnell knew and the Capitol Police Chief asked them for more security six times. They refused. Who else knew? The FBI, the police, and others. Why didn’t they do anything? Instead, they let the President go into that situation.

Mark Levin discussed this issue and the damage done to the Constitution. It was the second unconstitutional impeachment. There was no due process, no evidence, no trial, just bloviating hacks.



  1. Intelligence agencies do not serve America. They are compromised and not to be trusted.
    The people have no voice and no representation. The coup is complete.
    Going back through archive discs and found Catherine Engelbrecht testifying about the weaponization of the IRS, an MSNBC anchor saying “this is one of my favorite stories” about the Rand Paul attack, Lois Lerner pleading the fifth and leaving shortly thereafter.
    This Fundamental Transformation has been building and some comrades on Twitter are bragging about controlling all branches of government stating to hell with unity at the end of the comment.
    You could say it goes back to 2000 and the hanging chads. A house divided will not stand.

  2. The incident was merely the latest step in the coup.

    The government participated in this incident. To not secure the area, to reduce security in the area, to assist people’s entry, is by definition complicity.

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