FBI Seizes Phone of Doug Frank, a Math Teacher & Associate of the Pillow Guy


The FBI seized the phone of a Mike Lindell associate, Doug Frank who The Washington Post called an election denier. If they call him an election denier, they  are trying to make their Gestapo-like tactics seem legitimate. After all, he’s a denier.

Doug Frank

Mr. Frank said on Thursday that two FBI personnel served him a search warrant to take his cellphone as he left a plane, not long after FBI personnel reportedly took Lindell’s phone.

They seized his phone after they surrounded Mike Lindell at a Hardee’s Drive-Thru and took his phone on Tuesday.

Frank, a math teacher, who has argued that former President Donald Trump won the 2020 election and is affiliated with Lindell, according to The Washington Post, claimed on Telegram that federal agents confiscated his phone as he disembarked from a plane Thursday.

“Two FBI agents met me as I got off the plane today,” Frank wrote on Telegram. “They were polite and professional, and we smiled at each other knowingly as they approached me. Of course… they knew that I knew that they knew that I would be expecting them there. We shook hands, and I cooperated fully with them. They had a warrant to confiscate my phone.”

He is also tied to the Tina Peters case, as is Lindell, reportedly.

Prosecutors have accused Peters of participating in a scheme to allow Conan Hayes, a former professional surfer, and purported data expert, to gain access to Mesa County election systems and copy sensitive files in May 2021. Peters allegedly helped arrange for Hayes to access the building with a badge assigned to another person. Hayes has not been charged.

“I did nothing illegal,” Frank told The Post via text message Wednesday morning, responding to an inquiry related to the warrant that had been served on Lindell. He did not immediately respond to inquiries sent by text and Telegram on Thursday.

Frank said he knew nothing of that when he hired Frank.

The FBI really wants to put Tina Peters away.

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