Pope Francis Is Back with an Open Borders Sermon for the West


Pope Francis is back on the open borders bandwagon. He wants the West to be more open to [illegal] immigration. The West should be welcoming and must tear down impediments. We say, after you, Pope Francis.

He claimed Thursday that it’s the required remedy for the West’s so-called “demographic winter.”

In forgetting how to welcome migrants, the West lost much because it “needs people,” the pontiff told reporters during his return flight from Kazakhstan to Rome.


In Italy, there are empty villages with just twenty old ladies and nothing else,” he said.

[Well, send them all to the empty villages with the twenty old ladies or, better yet, tear down your own wall, Pope Francis.]

“Why can’t we make a policy in the West where immigrants are included with the principle that the migrant should be welcomed, accompanied, promoted, and integrated?” he asked. Because otherwise, “everything is left empty.”

“In my country – which I think is 49 million right now – we only have a little less than a million indigenous people, and everybody else is of migrant roots,” he declared. “Everybody: Spaniards, Italians, Germans, Polish Slavs, from Asia Minor, Lebanese, everybody… It’s mixed blood there, and this experience has helped us so much.”

“It’s true that things aren’t going too well in Latin American countries for political reasons,” he said, “but I think migration should be taken seriously because it raises the intellectual and cordial value of the West somewhat.”

“On the contrary, with this demographic winter, where are we going?” he asked. “The West is declining on this point; it is losing ground.”

“I think we Westerners are not at our best to help other people,” he said. “Are we a little decadent? Maybe, yes, but we have to take back the values, the values of Europe, the values of the founding fathers who founded the European Union, the great ones.”

I guess he means well, but he really needs to stop talking. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I was raised Catholic – very. Only went to Catholic schools from age 2 until 18, church every Sunday – at least, rosaries, novenas, relatives who are a priest and an Archbishop, and I can’t take this Pope any more.

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