FBI agent Who Shot at a Cowboy During Malheur Occupation Has Been Indicted for the Cover Up


LaVoy Finicum on his ranch

An FBI agent has been indicted on federal charges that he lied about firing at Robert “LaVoy” Finicum last year. The shooting took place as police arrested the leaders of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation.

The agent will face allegations of making a false statement with intent to obstruct justice, according to sources familiar with the case, to quote OregonLive.

The agent isn’t identified yet.

His bullets did not hit Finicum, but seconds later, state police troopers fired. After a number of bullets hit the van and possibly Finicum, he can be seen reaching into his jacket pocket where police say he had a loaded handgun. Finicum had been shot nine times, an autopsy showed. One bullet entered his heart.

The DoJ has been investigating for a year and the family of the slain cowboy is suing in civil court on civil rights charges.

Investigators admit a member of the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team fired at Finicum as his 2015 Dodge pickup truck crashed into a snow bank at a roadblock on U.S. 395. His bullets were found by the van. One had hit the top of the van.

Anyone who has followed this case knows the government denied a cover up until recently. That too is a cover up because they said nothing.

The cowboys who occupied the remote outpost at the Malheur refuge are struggling land owners. They say they are being squeezed by the Feds, specifically the Bureau of Land Management. The BLM operates like a rogue government.

Finicum and other occupiers were traveling to a community meeting in another location January 26, 2016 when they were startled by a traffic stop. They had left the refuge in the past without being impeded, but this time was different. The governor or someone gave the word to arrest them. Finicum sped away.

People traveling in the van said publicly that Finicum fled because he was afraid for his passengers. At least one passenger said bullets had already been fired.

Activist cowboys are treated differently from leftist agitators

The Sentinel does not support any illegal occupations. However, the reaction to cowboys and to violent communists occupying buildings, parks and land is drastically different.

Having spent time with the Occupy Wall Street crowd, many were armed, though not with guns. They were often violent and dangerous. None were shot at, even when they assaulted the police.

Finally, many believe LaVoy Finicum was murdered. People riding with him in the van believe it was a government execution.

Finicum was never seen wielding a weapon in the video.

Warning, this is graphic.

Background information is available on this link.

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