FBI unwittingly used a faked 4Chan photo of the Capitol in a criminal complaint


Sean Hannity has repeatedly said only the leaders in the FBI are problematic, not the agents, but we must wonder if he was mistaken. Does the ineptitude and corruption run deep, much deeper than just the leadership? Take this photo below, for example.

The image used by the FBI in a formal criminal complaint tied to the Capitol intrusion is morphed and comes from the BarryTributepage.  A photo of an undressed Barry Woods hangs on the wall.

The real photo on the wall is of Henry Clay — honest mistake!

This is the photo of Barry, the one hanging on the wall (ignore the arrow, it’s irrelevant):

This is Henry Clay — real look-alikes:

You can’t tell from the photo, but the photo of Barry Wood is lurid to say the least. The writing on the guard’s shoulder even says, @BarryTributePage. It was taken from 4Chan, and the FBI used it.

The FBI can’t even find Boston bombers when the Russians give them the information, and that has been the case in so many of these high-profile cases. The same was true of the Parkland murders. Now we may know why. They aren’t hiring the best and no one can ever be fired.

Are they hiring based on immutable characteristics instead of competence?

This was uncovered by Seamus Hughes. He linked to it and wrote, “I’ve studied extremism for 15 years, I’ve reviewed mostly every court record for decades. I can honestly say very little surprises me. That said, I have absolutely no idea what to say about the Internet image the FBI used in a criminal complaint of the picture hanging on the wall.”

Mr. Hughes is a Senate Counterterrorism Advisor and USG Intel Policy Officer.

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