FBI’s “Willful Destruction of Evidence” and a Highly Disturbing Timeline

Peter Strzok, Lisa Page

From December of 2016 through May of last year, thousands of messages to and from Peter Strzok are reportedly missing. It’s highly unlikely they are missing. They are somewhere. Our government is corrupt, so is our news media.

When you look at the timeline, you will find it very disturbing. Jay Sekulow of ACLJ put it out quite succinctly. It’s highly troubling. The messages were lost up until the day Mueller was hired. Here is a summary:

“From December 14th 2016 to May 17th of 2017–here’s what was going on. You had the Flynn conversation with the senior transition officials as been reported in the press so their conversations about that–missing.”

“Buzzfeed publishes the Steele dossier January 11th 2017–text messages between the two are missing,” Sekulow said.

“Peter Strzok interviews Michael Flynn on January 24th 2017, the text messages between them are missing.”

“Comey is fired by the president of the United States May 9th 2017, their text messages are missing,” Sekulow continued.

“Robert Mueller Special Counsel appointed May 17 2017-text messages missing based on a glitch.”

Jay Sekulow said what the FBI has done can be considered “willful destruction of evidence”.

Tom Fitton tweeted, “In response to FBI “missing” texts scandal, AG Sessions should direct U.S. Marshals to take steps to seize, secure and preserve necessary computer evidence at FBI. And if AG doesn’t act, @RealDonaldTrump should order it be done.”

These texts covered the President’s first 126 days in office, there were 125 leaks during this time. How many of these leaks were by Comey, Strzok or Page?




  1. The fact that neither Sessions nor FBI Director Christopher Wray stopped the destruction of evidence means that they are EITHER INCOMPETENT OR CORRUPT AND EITHER WAY THEY MUST GO,…….NOW

  2. Will someone who is a talented artist create a picture of James Comey standing up in front of a class, Comey dressed in striped prison suit, with a big tag hanging from a string around his neck which says:
    “Professor Comey
    ETHICS”… Make sure that Comey has his index finger up in the air like he is making a point and then we should have a contest to decide what Comey is “saying” something like: ” although it makes me slightly nauseous to be here,………”…………….
    Or “Next week students, we will have a guest speaker on ethics, my brother, Peter Comey, who handles all of the real property for the Clinton Cartel, as well as holds the title to my home…………………..”

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