Federal Appeals Court Rejects COV Vax Mandate on Navy SEALs


On February 28, a federal appeals court rejected Biden’s administration from partially lifting the block on a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for a group of Navy SEALs.

A federal judge blocked the enforcement of the mandate for 35 SEALS in January. The SEALs had applied for religious exemptions.

At that point and up to February 23, the Navy had not granted even one exemption for religious reasons.

The Navy wanted the Court to consider their unvaxxed status for “deployment, assignment, and other operational decisions.” They absurdly claimed, given what we now know about the vaccine and the current variant, that their unvaxxed status threatens the success of critical missions and endangers other service members.

A three-judge panel rejected the request. They noted how the branch handled the medical and religious exemption requests. They granted hundreds of medical exemptions and NO religious exemptions. They said the Navy has no template for approving, only disapproving, even those based on “sincerely held beliefs.”

The Democrats do not like religion to take precedence over the State and that’s just a fact as we see it at the Sentinel.


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