Markedly Absurd Psaki: Drilling & Keystone Won’t Solve Energy Problems


Remarkably, while Jen Psaki promotes the importation of foreign oil, she claims we don’t need to produce our own oil through the KeystoneXL pipeline and the drilling on public lands. According to her, once again, she claims the US must reduce oil production and our so-called reliance on oil. Speaking for Biden and the EU, she said they all now realize they have to push alternative power. Psaki’s referring to solar and wind which is far more expensive and can’t possibly substitute for fossil fuels at this time.

As far as reliance on oil, if she was being honest, what she should be saying is she wants to reduce the peasants’ reliance on energy, period. The entire statement is a red herring.

Psaki said the same thing on the 27th and so did John Kerry. Kerry went further and unbelievably said that he was concerned the war in Ukraine would distract Putin from climate change.


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