DHS Will Discipline Horseback Border Agents Falsely Accused of Whipping People


A federal source told Bill Melugin of Fox that DHS is planning to discipline multiple horseback Border Patrol agents. The agents were falsely accused of “whipping” Haitian migrants in Del Rio last summer.

Melugin was told that DHS will imminently allege “administrative violations”, and agents will be able to respond.

According to Bill Melugin, “This announcement is expected to come down any day now. It’s unclear what “administrative violations” the BP agents will be accused of. But they are not being accused of any criminal conduct. The horseback unit involved is based out of Carrizo Springs.”

“It has been nearly 9 months since this incident took place. The agents have been taken off their normal duties and have not been allowed to have contact w/ migrants since. President Biden assured the public at the time that “there will be consequences” for the agents involved,” Melugin tweeted.

Agents were trying to rein in the massive wave of humanity crossing our border illegally.

Border Patrol agents were reining horses as they tried to control the mobs of illegals pouring in. A photo made it appear to some people as if they were whipping the illegal aliens. The photographer explained that was not the case and other photos later showed it wasn’t.

Psaki, speaking for the vindictive senescent creature in the Oval Office at the time, said “our reaction to the photos has not changed.”

A reporter asked Psaki, “The El Paso Times has walked back their claim that border agents were using whips to deter Haitian migrants. This is kind of a controversy. Some people are weighing what is a whip versus what is a rein. And the El Paso Times put out a clarification saying, ‘It was not an actual whip.’ Does that change anything for the administration, in light of the statements that were made last week?”

Psaki responded, “I don’t think anyone could look at those photos and think that was appropriate action or behavior or something that should be accepted within our administration. There’s an investigation. That’s ongoing. We’ll let that play out. But our reaction to the photos has not changed.”

Kamala Harris also weighed in, attacking the Border Patrol agents without having a clue about what took place.

“What I saw depicted, those individuals on horseback treating human beings the way they were was horrible,” Harris told reporters after an event to promote the White House’s economic agenda.

“I fully support what is happening right now, which is a thorough investigation into what is going on there. But human beings should never be treated that way, and I’m deeply troubled about it,” she said.


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