Feds get first plea deal for Capitol rioter in exchange for his cooperation


A Capitol Hill rioter accepted a plea deal and will plead guilty in exchange for cooperation with the government, Politico reports.

Jon Schaffer, a famous heavy metal guitarist for Iced Earth and self-described “lifetime member” of the Oath Keepers, will become the first Capitol rioter to plead guilty to charges based on his participation in the attack and is expected to enter into a cooperation agreement with the government.

The deal was made Friday morning in court.

Schaffer, who was seen on camera deploying chemical spray at officers, will plead guilty to charges that he obstructed Congress’s effort to certify the 2020 election results and that he unlawfully entered a restricted building.

The Feds have had Schaffer in prison and solitary since January. Schaffer’s release from detention pending sentencing was among the contemplated plea terms, the filing said.

The Feds are like the Chinese Communists giving hefty prison sentences to freedom fighters in Hong Kong. Schaffer did commit crimes but not to the level the FBI has charged. The Feds want to find the few worst offenders who did riot and use them to prove everyone was an insurrectionist and all white Republicans and Conservatives are dangerous supremacists.


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