Felony assaults up 80% in elite Greenwich Village, crime up everywhere


Greenwich Village has become home to movie stars and other celebrities. The average home costs $1.3 million. Crime and violence in beautiful Washington Square Park are spilling out into the streets and even in private homes.

One pervert broke into a home and rubbed his penis on a ten-year-old girl’s feet.

According to Fox News:

The NYPD’s 6th precinct, which oversees Greenwich Village and the West Village, reported an 80% increase in felony assaults during the most recently available weeklong period, from June 7 to June 13, compared to the same time last year, statistics show. During that same period, grand larcenies were up 183%, petit larcenies were up 138.5% and misdemeanor assaults were up 366.7%.

Meanwhile, robberies were down and no incidents were reported in any of the other crime types.

During the most recent 28-day period, reports of robberies, felony assaults, larcenies, “other sex crimes,” hate crimes, and misdemeanor assaults were up, with the latter showing an increase of 480% year over year, precinct statistics show. Shooting and burglary incidents were down.

It’s not just in Greenwich Village, it’s the elite areas of Park Slope, the Upper West Side, and working-class areas in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens.

In April, a man disrupted the filming of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel:

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