Feminists rampage in Mexico burning, throwing bombs, terrorizing for abortion


International Women’s Day protests in Mexico turned violent Sunday. Feminist pro-abortion protesters smashed windows, vandalized churches, and launched Molotov cocktails into crowds, leaving dozens injured. They were giving Nazi salutes!

About 80,000 people marched through Mexico City and other areas of the country demanding abortion access and an end to violence against women.

It’s a bit ironic that they protest violence by being violent. It’s hard to take them seriously. Still, they say murders of women have increased 137% over the past five years.

“They’re killing 10 women a day — the ones that we know about — in the country I’ve lived in my whole life, it’s unacceptable,” preschool teacher Daniela Garcia, 33, told Reuters.

According to Reuters, outside the National Palace and Mexico City’s main cathedral, women activists wearing green bandanas symbolizing support for abortion clashed with counter-protesters, some reportedly with “shaved heads” who gave Nazi salutes. The women tore down banners that depicted abortion as femicide and then set them ablaze as they traded insults with counter-protesters.

They were throwing Molotov cocktails and lighting up the wrong people.

The masked women rampaged around the city center smashing the windshield of a car with hammers, overturning a van, and burning buildings, Reuters reported.

Protesters also sprayed graffiti on buildings, including the National Palace, where the president lives. Some graffiti messages said “the president doesn’t care about us” and “misogynist AMLO,” referring to President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

In Sonora, Mexico, feminist protesters attacked a local cathedral, smashed its windows and attempted to break down the doors as families celebrated mass.

This is a video of the women throwing the bombs — badly:

Google translate on the next one: “Feminists vandalize Hermosillo Cathedral, Sonora, while Mass was there. Inside were children, women, the elderly and people of all ages. Where’s the government to do justice?”

In the next clip, they are again terrorizing the people inside at Mass with their children.

In case you missed it, these women are violent communists.

There are a lot of them:

They threw bombs at the police.

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