Fetterman Aide Says His Boss Is OK Overturning the 2A, Calls Reporters “Puppets”


Luke Borwegan, a special assistant to John Fetterman told an OMG undercover reporter that Fetterman is “okay with overturning the Second Amendment.” He also told the reporter that handpicked journalists like Kara Swisher “will say exactly what you f***ing want them to.”

Mr. Borwegan says his boss would be happy to abolish the Second Amendment (Fetterman owns a gun). He’d be fine if “Nobody has guns at all.” He told the OMG undercover reporter that their hand picked reporters are “like puppets.”  They “pick people who say whatever you want them to.”

Everyone wants Fetterman’s story, but they might only give it to one reporter who will paint the picture they want. He said reporters “need us more than we need them.”

“They’re mean… they’re bad reporters,” says Borwegan.

In addition to naming Kara Swisher, he talks about Pod Save America and Morning Joe – Joe Scarborough, who “sucks.” They all “suck.”

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