Kari Lake Launches the Largest and Most Extensive Ballot-Chasing Op in Az History


Kari Lake lost her last court case challenging ballots that had insufficient signature verification. The ballots were approved with only 10% reliability, and signatures couldn’t possibly have been checked on the mail-in ballots. Her lawyer presented evidence that 170,000 ballots were approved in 0 to 2.99 seconds.  Mrs. Lake strongly believes the election was stolen and she wants to save the country by beating Democrats at their own game.

She is launching the largest and most extensive ballot-chasing operation in Arizona history, with thousands of volunteers and millions of dollars raised.

“Courts have ruled that anything goes. We can play by those same rules,” she said during a press conference.

Rough Transcript

Kari Lake ran for governor “Because I wanted to root out corruption and return our government back to we the people, and we did everything right. The people showed up in droves to vote, only to have their sacred vote trampled upon and so we’re going to work to correct that.

“If we choose to do the easy thing over the right thing, we will lose our country. And there’s been far too many people choosing to do the easy thing – choosing to line their pockets – choosing to take the easy road and the corrupt road, frankly.

“We’re going to take the hard road which is the right road. And we’re going to continue to fight so I’m going to tell you what we’ve been up to.

“We have been working nonstop to put together a team. We are officially launching the largest, most extensive ballot-chasing operation in our state’s history, and frankly possibly in American history.

“The courts just ruled that this corrupt election will stand. The courts just ruled that our elections can run lawlessly… the courts have ruled that anything goes.

“Well, we can play by those same rules, OK? If anything goes, then anything goes, and we are going to start chasing ballots like you’ve never seen, and I’ve got an army of moms and dads and citizens behind me who are ready to chase ballots because if it’s just a ballot that matters, then we can chase ballots too. And we’re going to do that. We’ve got to work in this rigged corrupt system, and we can do it. We will not allow them to steal another election from we the people. We want our government back, and right now we have people sitting in these offices in our government who are not duly elected.

“So we’ve got millions of dollars committed… thousands of volunteers who are dedicated to this. We are better at doing everything better than the left at doing everything. We know we have better candidates. They’ve put forth people who can’t even string two or three words together. They put forth people who aren’t even healthy enough to hold office, who aren’t mentally healthy enough to hold office. Because they can’t find good people who actually will push the garbage they’re pushing….”


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