Manhattan Professor Threatens to Chop Up a Reporter with Her Machete


Last week, a video of an unhinged Hunter College professor went viral for cursing out anti-abortion students and attacking their display. She wasn’t done. Today, when a New York Post reporter knocked on her door, she came out like a banshee and held a machete to the reporter’s neck. She threatened to “chop” him up.

The crazed Manhattan college teacher Shellyne Rodriguez screamed at him to “get the F away…”

“Get the f–k away from my door, or I’m gonna chop you up with this machete!” the adjunct art professor shouted after veteran reporter Reuven Fenton identified himself.

Seconds later, Rodriguez barged out and alarmingly put the blade to the reporter’s neck.

“Get the f–k away from my door! Get the f–k away from my door!” she raged incomprehensibly.


The NY Post reported that she chased them down the block as they retreated.

“If I see you on this block one more f–king time, you’re gonna …,” Rodriguez said, while still wielding the implement.

“Get the f–k off the block! Get the f–k out of here, yo!”

The professor briefly chased The Post’s photographer down the street to his car before coming back to kick the reporter in the shins.

Vince DiMiceli, a spokesman for Hunter College, told The Post Tuesday afternoon that Rodriguez had been fired.

The reporter should file charges. Obviously, she is under some kind of pressure but she assaulted the reporter. We can’t have this.

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