After All the Whistleblowers Suffered, You Won’t Believe What Rep. Goldman Said


Rep. Dan Goldman lied to his followers, but they will likely all believe him. The FBI is cruelly bankrupting the whistleblowers trying to save the country from the devastating power the FBI wields. That isn’t bad enough, but Goldman had to lie about it. He told followers that Kash Patel bought and paid for the FBI whistleblowers.

That’s completely untrue. The witnesses had their lives destroyed, and Mr. Patel set up a fund for them to feed their families.

The FBI suspended the whistleblowers without pay and left them unable to support their families. One witness, Garret O’Boyle, who has a newborn baby and three other children, was ordered to move across the country. After that, they suspended him without pay. The FBI didn’t let him have his or the children’s clothes for weeks. The O’Boyles couldn’t get their furniture. The agency did this after Mr. O’Boyle sold his house, likely knowing they would suspend him.

Dan Goldman is a rich, privileged, and partisan hack, heir to the Levi Strauss fortune.
Kash Patel set up a fund for them to feed their families.

Mr. Goldman’s net worth is $250 million, and he grew up very wealthy. He doesn’t know, care, or care to know the harm the FBI has caused these men whom he sees as beneath him.

Goldman is not stupid. He knows the true story. He heard it during testimony. This is truly a disgraceful, cruel lie.

What a tragedy that Democrats and Republicans can’t work together to clean up these corrupt agencies. Establishment politicians will rue the day. One day, they, too, will be victims of the overarching power they’ve been given.

A reporter brought it up yesterday.

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