Fiery Brian Stelter Wants to Hunt Down Anti-Biden Meme Makers


Unreliable Sources’ host Brian Stelter wants anti-Biden memes stopped.

“Disproving viral tweets is different than debunking a TV ad.  Combating meme makers is different than rebutting newspaper columnists. And the memes are pretty powerful sometimes,” said Stelter. “My suburban grocery stores never had empty shelves like that.

“But the messaging here saying that Biden is to blame for anything bad about the economy. It is clearly sticking to some degree,” he continued.

Every dictator in written history has banned insults against politicians so we wouldn’t be surprised if this is in our future.

Facebook bans effective memes and Twitter doesn’t let too many of them through because they are effective. They tell stories briefly and effectively. The left wants to be the only people creating memes.

However, the left can’t meme. Check out Pothole Pete’s meme at the end.


We put up Pothole Pete’s meme earlier. It’s a cartoon treating Americans like idiots. Two young people are thinking about the infrastructure bill making it easier to travel and the BBB bill creating jobs. These lefties are inept — even at making memes.

We now have favorite Biden memes trending on Twitter:

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