Germany plans Radical Climate Revolt, a Super Ministry, Illegal Immigration, CRT


The German Great Reset And Biden Isn’t Far Behind

Germany’s new government plans a radical climate revolution and will create a super ministry. They also plan for even more open, open borders and CRT garbage.

The AfD party chief said the German “economy and prosperity will become completely subordinate” to “the green climate ideology.” The former Nazi country needs to be watched closely as it destroys itself.

Green climate ideology is globalist neo-communism.

“Germany’s new coalition promises climate revolution,” the German state-run DW News reported on Friday.

The incoming coalition made up of Social Democrats, Greens, and center-right Free Democrats have agreed to set up a “super ministry” to push a climate agenda. “A new ‘super’ Climate and Economy Ministry, to be headed by Habeck, is to provide the bureaucratic muscle to implement the ambitious measures,” the German broadcaster added.

Habeck is Robert Habeck, the Green Party Chair.

By putting the economy under the purview of the ‘super climate ministry,’ Berlin is sending the signal that the globalist climate agenda comes before jobs or the nation’s economic well-being.

According to DW News, Germany plans the following:

The measures include phasing out coal power by 2030, eight years ahead of the current schedule, powering 80% of the electricity grid with renewables within a decade and putting 15 million electric vehicles on German roads by 2030. The deal also proposes phasing out gas for power by 2040 and setting a minimum carbon price of €60 per ton ($68).


The right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party slammed the alliance for pushing a radical climate ideology. The German “economy and prosperity will become completely subordinate” to “the green climate ideology,” the head of the opposition party, Tino Chrupalla, warned.

The alliance, set to end Chancellor Angela Merkel’s 16-year reign, will be a “progressive” one, the coalition parties declared in a 177-page agreement.

Germany’s next government, likely to be headed by Merkel’s socialist Deputy Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, has promised even more liberal immigration policies. The new government is “betting on [refugees] welcome culture,” Germany’s state-run ZDF reported. “It would now be easier for refugees to come to Germany,” the broadcaster cheered.

The post-Merkel government also plans to appoint a federal “anti-racism commissioner” reporting directly to the Chancellor. It wants to “combat racism and promote diversity,” the news website Euractive reported.

The course adopted by the incoming government will turn Germany into a “socialist nanny state” and a “magnate for migrants,” the AfD party cautioned.

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