WOW! Fiery Sean Spicer Blasts Media for False Reporting


Inauguration January 21 2017
Inauguration January 21 2017

There are updates at the end

Sean Spicer was on fire Saturday as he called out the media for lying at an impromptu press conference called by the press secretary.

There was false reporting over the Martin Luther King Jr. bust in the Oval Office and there was wholesale media lying about the numbers of people who attended the Inauguration.

The new spokesperson went into some detail about the numbers at the Inauguration, explaining that the numbers viewing it were the largest in history. The media is going to hold the administration to account but, as he said, that works both ways.

The press secretary would not answer any questions.

CNN was the most inaccurate, but since they were called out for it, they’ve posted a picture where you can scan and zoom on this link.

Protesters kept people from getting into the Inauguration, which was the reason for the delay of people entering the event. CNN took photos before the attendees finished entering.

As far as the bust of Martin Luther King Jr., anyone with an ounce of sense would know Trump would never remove the bust. The reporter certainly didn’t double check. The bust is in the same spot it has always been in. Miller did apologize on twitter.

It doesn’t matter if he lied or if it was a mistake, he’s an unreliable reporter.

Update via the NY Times: The Times says magnetometers were not used and white coverings were used in 2013. Politifact said it was not clear if magnetometers were used or the extent of coverings though they disputed Spicer’s claims.

This is what the Trump organization is concerned about:

It’s like comparing apples and oranges in any case. People were bussed in for free for Obama. He was the first half-black Marxist president and was an phenom. Other presidents customarily have 300,000 to 400,000 except Clinton who had about 800,000.

One mustn’t forget D.C. and the surrounding areas are mostly Democrat and they don’t have far to travel to get to the Inauguration.

It’s also difficult to believe anything the media says.

Take the Wall Street Journal for example.

The Associated Press reported 31 million viewers watched the Inauguration.

Reince Priebus responded Sunday:

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Wake up Spicer
Wake up Spicer
7 years ago

Oh come on. You can’t really defend Spicer and Trump here. It is undeniable…he did NOT have the largest inauguration crowd (or viewers)…not even close. The media only had to report it because of Trump’s and Spicer’s outright lies. But honestly, who cares?! He had a decent crowd, just wasn’t the largest. Does it really matter? Trump’s ego is so fragile it is going to hinder him from governing. He and Spicer better focus on what is important.