Fiery Speech by Speaker Johnson at Columbia University


Speaker Johnson was heckled at Columbia University today as he stood up for Israel. It’s too bad he’s coming off a disastrous performance as Speaker. It would be good to see him go to the US border and demand it be closed, but it’s too late for that.

We should support all our allies, including Israel, but America should be first. Our borders are open. This allows our enemies to pour into the country.

The speech was good and the people heckling support Hamas. The anti-Semitism is shocking. Some say they are anti-Israel, but this is far beyond that. The radicals are calling out, “Kill the Jews,” and “Kill Americans.” The Jewish kids at Columbia aren’t military. There is no excuse for taunting and threatening them.

Hamas endorsed the pro-Hamas protesters and said they are the future of America.

The speakers called for President Shafik to resign.

If only he cared as much about our border. The situation is desperate and there is a serious lack of realization in our Congress.

Full speech:

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