Fighting the Maoist cultural revolution in the USA


A parent who grew up in Maoist China told her school board in Virginia that the cultural revolution now going on in the United States is exactly like the Chinese cultural revolution except in China it was based on class warfare, not race.

She explained that critical race theory and social justice are exactly what was taught in China.

She’s a hero:

Others Who Are Fighting!



  1. Memeists are on it with scenes from Cambodia and the Great Leap Forward of people being beaten with chairs while handcuffed or with a rope around the neck with signs that have been updated…I declined the vaccination, I voted republican, I posted wrongthink/thoughtcrime on social media.

  2. When you read between the lines, over 70% of Americans are Christians. A Christian is not a Maoist. While the Communist have taken over key institutions in America, they are still grossly out numbered. Patriotic Americans were awaken by the stolen 2020 election and are fighting back. Stealing the 2020 election was an informal declaration of war on The People. The People are going after the WOKE thinking in schools. This is just a start. If the Communist Democrats keep pushing, the RESET will be with Malice against everyone seen as un-American. Think a reset to the 1950’s with Communism of any kind being a threat. I’m starting to see people making mental list of “neighbors” who don’t fly the Flag, don’t go to Church, are still wearing mask, or doing other things putting their patriotism in question. This is not Good for anyone with Communist leanings or even being perceived as being un-American. By the way, it’s Black Republicans who are the most “concerned” and there are a lot of them down here in the Deep South.

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