Figurehead Joe Is One of the Most Effective [Defective] Presidents in History


People call Joe Biden incompetent, unfit, dementia-ridden, corrupt, and all that appears to be true, but you can’t call him ineffective. He is the voice for a cabal of Marxists behind the curtain and they are doing exactly what they should do to destroy the United States of America. They are doing it so quickly, we hardly have time to slap down any one oppressive and tryrannical program they put in place.

In 2008, Barack Obama clearly set the agenda which Hillary Clinton was supposed to fulfill but is instead fulfilled by Joe Biden. Biden is the perfect cover for the unaccountable ringleaders guiding him every step of the way through the fundamental transformation.

When Barack Obama, the son of communists, the grandson of communists, who was mentored by communists, spoke to the nation, he was eminently clear. He said his goal was the “fundamental transformation of the nation.” As Al Sharpton said immediately after the election, everyone knew what he meant — socialism.

By talking about socialism, we are talking Venezuela, and The Great Reset.

Last week, when asked about Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar spending proposals which will increase inflation, White House press secretary Jen Psaki admitted they were going to make “fundamental change in our economy.”  Again, the Moscow U graduate means socialism, Great Reset-style, where you own nothing and will be happy watching the elite own everything.

If you look at what Biden’s doing and what is intended with open borders and a reconciliation bill from Hell, he is effective and very successful thus far. What you see as failure, as the Biden regime stomps all over Americans freedoms, is a mirage — a Trojan horse. They are pushing tyranny and it is working.

Biden and his cabal of lunatic Marxists are racking up unsustainable debt, pushing inflation, adding hidden taxes that hurt the poor and middle class, forcing prices to skyrocket so we all have to go on the government dole.

He has that covered too. His reconciliation bill makes unprecedented promises of freebies for all that can never be fulfilled in the socialist society his cabal envisions. People fall for that sort of thing.

Democrats want more spending and a welfare state. When we are all poor, political decisions are made by the elite and they will make them for us.

Biden’s economic devastation has also led to a  supply chain crisis, overwhelmed ports, a trucker shortage, and airline workers staging sickouts over his vaccine mandates.

He is getting people fired for an illness that has a 1.4% death rate and mostly effects the elderly who can stay home. He is doing it to rob you of your freedoms and teach you to obey.

Biden has surrendered to our enemies, terrorists, communists and he has opened our borders to any monster who seeks to enter. It’s a dangerous free-for-all.

Afghanistan is controlled by terrorists, Russia got a pipeline with which to control the European energy supply, Iran is rushing towards nuclear nation status, China is running to world control, and Taiwan and Ukraine are in grave danger.

Economic dislocation will accelerate. Inflation will spike further.  Shortages will increase. The labor market will remain destabilized. Taxes will climb, growth and innovation will slow, and suffocating debt will extinguish the future.

CRT and 1619 are teaching our children to hate people by unimportant attributes like the color of one’s skin. They are teaching them to hate the USA.

Crime will continue to spike and social unrest will accelerate.  It is what the cabal wants.

Our enemies know we are vulnerable and they are pouring through the open doors.

The people will be forced to look to the government for their health, their next meal, for everything as the chaos causes confusion and helplessness.

What is even more concerning is corporations are now aligned with the far-left government. It’s fascist.

The hard left is moving fast. Fight back or die a communist/globalist/slave.

Biden and the Left are destroying the USA in record time. Can you see it now? Biden is one of the most effective and successful presidents in our history. He seeks to destroy and replace all that we are with tyranny, and he’s almost there.

Fight Back!!!!

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