During the Financial Crisis, Pelosi Somehow Tripled Her Net Worth to $100 Million


by Doug Ross at Director Blue

MYSTERIOUS: During the financial crisis, Nancy Pelosi somehow tripled her net worth to $100 million

If only our society had some people we used to call “investigative journalists”. They might be able to figure out how then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi mysteriously tripled her net worth during the height of the financial crisis.



  1. Not at all surprised!!!! Someone ought to investigate what she did to triple her worth during those difficult years,at least difficult for the electorate. Do you suppose Nancy can relate to the average person? Of course she can’t. This is one reason she refers to a thousand dollars as chicken feed.A thousand to her is like a dime to us. Remember also that Nancy is just one of the many in D.C. who are lining their pockets with cash—and we the not so bright electorate will vote for them again.

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