Fireworks as Nadler Makes Up a Rule to Block GOP Video at AG’s Hearing


House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler began today’s DOJ hearing with Merrick Garland by claiming that the January 6 riot was a “pre-planned” assault on the U.S. government. There is no evidence for this whatsoever in court documents throughout the hundreds of prosecutions of the riot’s participants. 

Rep. Jerry Nadler, a lawless, despicable individual, banned the Republicans from using a video of concerned parents protesting at school board meetings during the questioning of Attorney General Merrick Garland. [Video below]

He decided in that second that recommended protocol of 48 hours notice would immediately become a committee rule. This is a rule that will no doubt be lifted when it comes to their turn to show video as they often do.

There was never any vote for such a rule and it was made up on the spot.

The video was an important part of the questioning since Garland is accusing these people of being domestic terrorists. The DoJ can imprison domestic terrorists without any due process. It’s important.

The GOP didn’t even know of the protocol. Watch:

This appears to be the video:

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