First Berkeley Antifa Unmasked, Arrested

Bikers for Trump showed up in Berkeley Thursday

A young student was arrested at Berkeley and made to remove his mask. He was cuffed for obstructing police and wearing a mask in violation of the rules.

This young man’s parents are paying about $60,000 a year for him to act like a jerk. He is the first person arrested at Thursday’s Berkeley rallies. They’ve been relatively peaceful as the anti-free speech domestic terrorists meet the pro-free speech Trump supporters.

One Antifa was arrested for drugs and another for having a knife.

We finally some rules. No bike locks were permitted. They have been used as weapons.

As you can see, CNN showed up.



  1. During the 1968 riots I was assigned on Stand by to be the company commander of a Marine Company which had more firepower than all the combined federal and local police forces, I was determined to be completely objective in my duty to enforce the law and keep the peace, no matter whose side I came out on. A scary thing to consider when you might have had to control some out of control cops as well as to control criminals who wanted to burn the city. This little stupid Berkeley kid who has never been told “No” to by his parents or never made to do a hard day’s work, is not the thug whose mask should have been ripped from his face and the cops were directed not to expose any of those “hardliners” hired by the Soros’ organization.
    The mayor of Berkeley violated numerous federal laws as well as did Janet Napolitano, the CZAR of the U. of Calif at Berkeley, by encouraging the rioting to endorse the CZARS’ personal political views.
    When I was in high school, teachers were not intimidated by the students, it was the other way around because our parents taught us to have respect for other people.
    Soon, you will hear that if our Drill Instructors at Marine Corps Boot Camp in Paris Island do not tuck us in
    at night and kiss us on the cheek the Drill Instructor will be dismissed and court martialed.
    I have been told that at Quantico, Virginia where we train Marine Lieutenants to lead our Marines THEY HAVE “HEAT DAYS” WHERE IT IS TOO HOT TO TRAIN??!!
    Recently, thugs, (it doesn’t matter whether they are black, white, brown, or green) took over the campus at the U. of Calif at Santa Cruz and issued “NON NEGOTIABLE DEMANDS” and now after being granted all of those demands they now demand a million dollars to establish college majors in POO POO???!!

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