They’re Coming for Your Gardens Now


First, they came for urban gardens, then they came for suburban gardens, then they came for all gardens.

According to Science Daily, a new international study led by the University of Michigan finds that fruits and vegetables grown in urban farms and gardens have an average carbon footprint six times greater than conventionally grown produce.

“However, a few city-grown crops equaled or outperformed conventional agriculture under certain conditions. Tomatoes grown in the soil of open-air urban plots had a lower carbon intensity than tomatoes grown in conventional greenhouses, while the emissions difference between conventional and urban agriculture vanished for air-freighted crops like asparagus.

“The exceptions revealed by our study suggest that urban agriculture practitioners can reduce their climate impacts by cultivating crops that are typically greenhouse-grown or air-freighted, in addition to making changes in site design and management,” said study co-lead author Jason Hawes, a doctoral student at U-M’s School for Environment and Sustainability.

Clown watering his urban garden.

According to USSA News, numerous international research agencies have supported this project, including those from the UK, Germany, France, the U.S., Poland, and the EU.

That sounds like these lunatics want to control urban farming.

“The study’s findings could lead to discussions about implementing licenses and regulations for personal gardening, ostensibly for environmental or food safety reasons. This could result in restrictions on seed usage, possibly favoring genetically modified organisms (GMOs) designed to mitigate climate change impacts,” reports USSA News.

Yes, they are coming for your urban garden. All gardens will be next.

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Winifred Jones
Winifred Jones
29 days ago

What was the carbon being measured in the gardens that did not include humans? Since the world governments are blocking the sun and raining down toxic chemicals upon the earth (Chem-trails) should we worry about any living carbon forms existing? Oxygen, Carbon and Water will be terminated and with no Sun living under a rock is not optional.

Francis W. Porretto
Francis W. Porretto
30 days ago

Well, I think we can deem this question answered now!

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
30 days ago

The social engineers of the New World Order, will fund any ridiculous excuse to control the minutia of our lives.