Biden Regime’s Mad Dash to Eliminate Gas Vehicles


The Biden administration is proposing stiff new automobile pollution limits that would require up to twothirds of new vehicles sold in the U.S. to be electric by 2032, a nearly tenfold increase over current electric vehicle sales.

The proposed regulation, announced Wednesday by the Environmental Protection Agency, would set tailpipe emissions limits for the 2027 through 2032 model years that are the strictest ever imposed — and call for far more new EV sales than the auto industry agreed to less than two years ago.

The Left is conjuring up studies to support their viewpoint, and they have groups coming together to pressure the administration to push the elimination of gas vehicles hard and fast.


It doesn’t matter to them that it’s costly, unreliable, threatens national security, and is unwanted by most Americans.

Elon Musk is sounding the alarm. Unless tariffs are imposed, China’s EVs in Mexico will destroy all American car manufacturers.

Ironically, the UAW president endorsed Joe Biden, who is killing his industry. EVs mean far fewer jobs.

We are selling out our auto industry to China. Since China has a monopoly on the metals needed and uses slave labor, we are selling out our transportation to China, period. China Joe just can’t help himself.

Mesquite, NV – 7 August 2016: a row of colorful trucks, parked outside a truck stop at Mesquite (Nevada) on the Interstate 15.


Big business backs U.S. EPA push to electrify long-haul trucking. They need charging hubs, which will cost a great deal.

However, many major companies disagree. A coalition of U.S. retailers and other businesses that rely on heavy-duty trucks to deliver goods across America recently announced support for a U.S. EPA proposal that would accelerate the adoption of electric big rigs.

The Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance — which includes Siemens, Verizon, Best Buy, and dozens of other large businesses, which collectively operate more than 2.5 million fleet vehicles throughout the country — have sent a letter to top federal regulators saying that electric freight trucks are not only technically and economically feasible but crucial for meeting corporate sustainability goals.

As EPA officials move toward finalizing these long-awaited greenhouse gas emissions standards for heavy-duty vehicles, opponents have also raised concerns about a lack of vehicle charging hubs to service the anticipated demand from electric freight trucks. Volvo and Daimler, for example, have asked the EPA to delay the new regulations for three years, citing the need for new charging infrastructure.

Nurses In All 50 States Support Strong Federal Standards for Clean Cars and Trucks

Letter to EPA Administrator highlights the importance of clean air for public health, equity, and environmental justice. 

In a letter to EPA Administrator Michael Regan, nearly 200 nurses from all 50 states call on the EPA to finalize strongest possible standards to limit health-harming tailpipe pollution from cars and trucks. The EPA is currently in the rulemaking process for new tailpipe emissions standards that apply to model years 2027–2032 light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicles.

Tailpipe pollution is linked to poor health outcomes and higher incidences of chronic conditions like asthma, lung disease, and cancer. By reducing air pollution-linked premature deaths and hospitalizations, EPA’s proposed rules for light/medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicles are expected to save up to $280 billion and $29 billion in avoided healthcare costs, respectively.


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26 days ago

Look at Cuba with cars from the 50’s that are still running. China Joe Biden is trying to destroy this country ASAP! FJB and 44 also!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
26 days ago

This is all leftist globalist coercion and bribes.

Nurses have no knowledge whatsoever of the relative risks of tail emissions versus any other potential hazard. Nurses have various associations organizing such a letter. Some are simply leftists, other career minded, so they sign the letter. I’d bet those nurses looked the other way as patients were denied antibiotics, steroids and other therapeutics, then allowed to die of supposed covid.

I didn’t see in this article a mention of car companies endorsing this corrupt push, because they know they cannot sell the uneconomical and less capable EVs.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
26 days ago

Why? Why the drive to more non-economic EV?

1) To make the USA subservient to China and dependent on it’s minerals.
2) To teach us to be compliant (to their subjective alternate reality) and vassals/surfs
3) To take away the freedom current cars provide.
4 To bankrupt the middle class and get rid of it,
5) To Reduce the population (by bad drugs and murdering babies as well as destroying the family unit).
6) It is easy to just turn off the electricity and stop movement as they wish.

The open borders?
Of course multiplying crime makes people desperate and more dependent/pliable.
They can put the criminals where they want to be used against areas that do not support their nonsense.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
26 days ago

We agree that there is a major effort to do as much damage as possible as quickly as possible to America.

26 days ago

Obama’s cash for clunkers was a first step to get rid of older cars that were still usable by the American public. They were destroyed. Every year, thousands of used cars are shipped overseas,making these cars more scarce here in the states. Eventually, if they have their way, those of us who prefer gas powered cars will be living like they do in Cuba with rigged up automobiles that get us around because the electric cars will be too damn expensive to buy and maintain.