Prevaricator Kirby Needs Razor Wire Cut So BP Can Do Their Jobs


Fox personalities tried to get honest answers out of John Kirby, but it would be easier to catch a tiger with a mosquito net.
Peter Doocy questioned  John Kirby during a White House presser.

Doocy: Why are you guys making it easier for people to enter the country illegally?

Kirby:  I don’t believe we are. Why do you think we are?

Doocy: Well, you won in court. So now, what the Border Patrol union president is saying, the Supreme Court’s decision is going to undoubtedly encourage more illegal immigration. Do you guys know better than the Border Patrol union?

Kirby: The Border Patrol needed access, and that’s why we sued to get rid of that razor wire so that they could do their jobs.

They think you are very stupid.


On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” Martha MacCallum grilled – White House National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications – John Kirby.

Martha MacCallum asked John Kirby why he doesn’t change gears on the border if they are concerned about it. Kirby pretended the problem was because people were migrating around the world. He said even Mexico had problems at their southern border.

Mexico has trouble at its southern border because everyone is heading for the United States.

In the clip below, MacCallum asks Kirby if he thinks Americans would rather see the border secured than processed faster.

Naturally, Kirby wants more pathways to legal immigration. In other words, the more Democrat voters, and the poorer and more criminal they are, the more they can be counted on to vote Democrat.

Kirby said Biden sensed the urgency. He put soldiers down there (to process more illegals). She didn’t let up and relentlessly hammered him, trying to get the truth.

He bragged about the meeting Biden had with Xi in San Francisco about fentanyl coming across the border. [The fentanyl is now being made in Mexico.]

“I think it’s important to put this in context too, Martha; you’re seeing, as you rightly said, record numbers of people, and it’s not just the United States that are facing that pressure. Lots of countries in the hemisphere, including Mexico, are facing a lot of pressure at their own southern border. I mean, there are more people on the move in this hemisphere right now than there has been since World War 2, and it’s a lot of reasons.”

MacCallum asked if we have a southern border.

Kirby: “Yes, ma’am, of course.”

MacCallum: “Then how come people can flow across it every single day? Hundreds and thousands of people, over the 300,000 people in December.”

Kirby: “We’re working very hard to try to fix that, Martha. That’s why we need congressional action; that’s why the president asked for additional funding, more than you know, $6 billion in the supplemental to try to get border security enhanced. I mean, I think we, you and I, are obviously not going to see the policy solutions the same way. And I’m just looking for the idea.


“President Biden has, since the very beginning, since day one, been concerned about our immigration policy and calling for a reform,” Kirby said. “He does agree that there [need] to be changes in the way we process, and we have created additional legal pathways.

“But there’s obviously more that can be done, not only to create legal pathways but to enforce the laws that are in place and whatever new laws come with this so that we can crack down on illegal immigration. I think he shares those concerns about the need for serious reform. He also believes that part and parcel of this effort has got to be extra border security. And that’s why a significant part of his supplemental request did include specific funding for border security to include additional Border Patrol agents.”


Kirby responded to MacCallum’s statement on the wire by stating that “this issue over the wire was actually — one of the reasons we opposed it was so that it could allow the Border Patrol to get access to the river itself so that they could do their jobs.”

How does this guy sleep at night?


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29 days ago

If I were living in an honest and law abiding country, I would invest my money in strong rope.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
29 days ago

The wisdom of sinful man at mankind’s highest is shown by the wisdom of Gd to be complete foolishness.