First Republican to Congratulate Joe Is….drum roll, please


The votes aren’t all in, there’s evidence (not proof) of fraud. We differentiate because Democrats, the media, and Mitt don’t know the difference. The presidential race isn’t certified, but there is one Republican who couldn’t wait to congratulate ‘President Joe.’

It’s Mitt Romney, the ever-reliable hater of Trump, Trump supporters, America First, and Make America Great Again. And do look at what people are saying:

You get the idea.

But, Mitt, as Dan says, THIS IS NOT OVER!

The Utah ‘Republican’ revealed last month that he didn’t vote for Trump, but didn’t say who won his vote. He also marched, at least once, with the violent Marxists, Black Lives Matter.

The MSM wants you to know that this claim is contested. Well, then, let’s find out!



  1. Romney you damn hypocrite change your party and admit your a Marxist two faced bed wetter. You are a disgrace to UT and every other place you hung your carpet bagger cloak of deceit. Congratulations Traitor, you have now joined the ranks of the Benedict Arnold society.

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