Liberal Fulton County Finds More Ballots


The Georgia Secretary of State scrambled to the State Farm Arena this evening because Fulton County officials found more [Democrat?] ballots and are scanning them right now.

“Fulton County has discovered an issue involving reporting from their work on Friday. Officials are at State Farm Arena to rescan their work from Friday,” Raffensperger said in a Facebook post.

“The Secretary of State has a monitor onsite, has sent additional investigators, and dispatched the Deputy Secretary of State as well to oversee the process to make sure to thoroughly secure the vote and protect all legal votes. Observers from both political parties are there as well.”

WBT-TV reported: “We just received this statement from Fulton County which explains what’s going on here at State Farm Arena tonight. The county believes some ballots were “not captured” in last night’s results. So, those are now being rescanned.”

President Trump recaptured some votes in Georgia last night, about 20,000, so this news doesn’t come as a big surprise.




  1. Now Come on. There just has to be Some reason why we are here tonight. Now, it’s one thing for a media organization to declare a “projected” winner, but take it to a level of victory speeches and covering it as “President-Elect” is beyond any imagination. Why would all those involved risk being humiliated in the manner of Truman vs. Dewey. That’s been a source of mockery ever since. It’s not like a lesson hasn’t been learned in the past. It took weeks to resolve Bush v Gore and many were humiliated at that. Yet they are back again, doing the same. The difference then is no one called either Bush or Gore President Elect. Granted they despise Trump with a passion but taking to this level is unprecedented. Surely hatred can cause unprecedented actions, but this is done by “professionals” at ALL levels. Undoubtedly the question of “What IF” will not be asked nor answered. Taking Judge Jeanine off was the embodiment of that. In this election the Pollsters have lost all credibility and the Corporate media is on the same course. Trump supporters are already ‘made as hell’ and if Biden supporters feel they have been scammed, they, too, will be made as hell. The end result could very well be violence never before seen and this same Corporate media will be the instigators and facilitators. Trump has proven, unquestionably, they are “Enemy of the People”. They are Indeed EVIL for creating the environment that has led the country to the Precipice. Rescind NYT v. Sullivan.

  2. The Bad part is; I don’t have much trust in the Judicial system either. When SCOTUS decided to “allow” Pennsylvania it leaves a person with little trust in, actually, the ENTIRE UNITED STATES.

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