Five “George Floyds” were killed in Chicago over the weekend


Forty-five people were shot in Chicago over the weekend. Five of them were killed. Where is the outrage like when George Floyd died?

Can you image if those five people had been killed by police?

The 45 shootings occurred just over this past weekend. Almost 1,000 people have been shot in Chicago so far this year through the end of April. That’s 217 more than were shot at the same time last year. Now add 45 more to that number.

Where is Maxine Waters?

Where is Black Lives Matter?

And where is our Uniter-in-Chief Joe Biden?

One “George Floyd” murder victim was shot in the head three times. Another “George Floyd” was also shot in the head and killed. Yet another “George Floyd” was fatally shot in the head during a fight. One victim was a 17-year-old “George Floyd” who died after he was shot in the face.

But that doesn’t even count the 40 other people who were shot and wounded. Like the three young women who were shot in separate incidents. Or the three teen-aged boys, one of whom was shot in the back.

Can you image if Chicago police officers shot a teenager in the face? There would be riots across the country. And calls to defund the police.

So where are the riots? Where are calls to end the wholesale murder of blacks in Chicago? And where is social justice for the 1,000 victims of gun violence in Chicago?

Don’t try to tell me that black lives matter. They don’t matter to Maxine Watters, or Black Lives Matter, or even President Biden.

Black lives just don’t matter to Democrats, except for George Floyd’s. Those black lives lost to black violence don’t further their “white supremacist” and “systemic racism” agenda.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago

If they are not BurningLootingMurdering they do not matter…

Sloth the Happy Mutant
Sloth the Happy Mutant
2 years ago

Just poor street people with no political value.
Chiraq may be tapped out in the justus awards lotto as well with all the golden pensions and graft, there is hardly anything left.
The rest of Illinois can step up with some taxes in the spirit of unity.
Black Liberation Movement is silent?
The stereo is bumping at the mansion in the whitey cracka Topanga Canyon hood.
Keepin’ it real by moving out to live among those jive ass honkeys.