France looks like a war zone over vaccine restrictions


Have you heard about the French rioting and protesting throughout the nation over the Draconian vaccine laws? Our media is ignoring the news.

French President Macron issued six-month prison decrees for entering a bar or restaurant without a vaccine passport. Proprietors who allow the unvaccinated into their establishments face a one-year prison sentence and a €45,000 fine.

Thousands in France are protesting the special virus pass again this weekend. They marched through Paris and all major cities on Saturday. French police in full riot gear used their fists to push some demonstrators back and fired tear gas against some crowds.

Never you mind. They’re doing it for their own good.

No one should be forced into vaccination. We can’t let the government tell people they must inject themselves with a drug.

The government fascists sent the stormtroopers.




  1. Same thing in Berlin and Australia. A very good way to end up with the vast majority of the public hating police. No different than what USCP and DC police did on January 6th.

    The polls on what the public believe is the mortality rate of Covid explains why many side with the Government. If only they knew.

  2. Eventually the French Government will call in the Germans to suppress the “insurrection”. When the French surrender to the Germans, we will officially know that WWIII has begun.

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