Florida K-12 School Teaches Children Anti-Biology Sexuality


Health education lessons given to 6th-graders at a publicly funded school in Gainesville Florida featured gender-neutral language describing boys as “people with a penis” and girls as “people with a vulva,” Fox News reports. These are anti-biology classes to corrupt young minds.

“Most people who have biological male reproductive parts are boys and most people who have biological female reproductive parts are girls, but sometimes people can have reproductive parts that don’t match who they are,” a 6th grade lesson stated.

It’s affiliated with the University of Florida, another school following the Party of Anti-science and anti-biology to ultimate destruction. They’re radicalizing children.

Drawings were found in the lessons of “anatomy of people with a penis,” and “anatomy of people with a vulva.”

They weren’t talking about people born hermaphodites. They’re buying into the insane gender dysphoria for all.

Another lesson administered during the course, called “Affection, Abstinence, & Understanding Love,” dove into LGBTQ-related topics like gender identity and sexual orientation and defined multiple terms like “non-binary,” “genderqueer,” “pansexual” and “aromantic.”

The anti-Biology lesson also included a video by AMAZE claiming “gender exists on a spectrum.”

One lesson advised students to seek out “reliable sources” on health information and warned about religious bias.

“Regardless of your own religion, a faith-based organization may have biases based on their own beliefs and teachings that may limit the extent of the sexuality-related information,” it said. It’s anti-religion as well as anti-biology.

This is nuts. They’re reducing boys and girls to body parts and confusing them on gender at a critical point in their development. At the same time, they’re trying to turn children against their faith.

Fox News reports this is the health curriculum for Yonge’s Developmental Research School.


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1 year ago

Are parents still nutty enough to send their kids to these indoctrinators each day!?

1 year ago

When Parents start shooting teachers who teach this crap, it will stop. This is the worst form of Child Abuse imaginable. It scares children for life. Unless the Government stops this, Liberal Teachers will soon be hunted like vermin! So will the Politicians and Bureaucrats who support this! I see Mama Bears everywhere who are fed up. It’s going to be very hard to get convictions against Mama Bears!

With Roe v Wade gone, we are now seeing the real moral sentiment in America. By the end of the year I see maybe 30 States banning Abortion with few exceptions. I see another 10 banning Abortion after Viability. At best, I see 10 States with Liberal Abortion Laws and half of them will see the light by 2025. In 2025, I see a Constitutional Amendment establishing Civil Rights for the Unborn at Viability if not Conception.

Morality is sweeping America, and Liberals fighting this will find themselves in grave danger. Americans are no longer in the mood to put up with Mentally Deranged Liberals. Immoral People like Traitor Joe and Nancy Pelosi will soon be swept from Politics in America. In the Future, I see both a Morality Test and a Patriotism Test for Politicians. It will become very hard for someone who hasn’t served in the Military to hold National Office!