Food Prices Are Soaring


In the year through November, food got 10.6% more expensive, with grocery prices rising 12% and menu prices jumping 8.5%, not adjusted for seasonal swings, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said Tuesday. In that same period, overall inflation rose 7.1%, reports Bloomberg. Food inflation is outstripping other inflation.

CNN blames Putin, weather, disease, supply chain, and interest rates, but Bidenomics is the real problem.

Other major price hikes from CNN:
  • vegetables increased 38% this month and over 80% in the past year.
  • flour prices jumped 24.9%,
  • bread went up 15.7%,
  • milk was 14.7% more expensive
  • coffee prices rose 14.6%
  • chicken was up 12%
  • fruits and vegetables spiked by 9.7%
  • lettuce taking the lead with an 8.9% spike
  • ice cream was up 2%
  • eggs, which have been affected by the deadly avian flu, were a staggering 49.1% more expensive through November.
  • butter prices, hit by a contraction in the milk supply, shot up 27%.

Some food items fared better.

CNN shared a slew of reasons why food is inflating, but left out the main reasons – Democrat wild spending and the attack on our fossil fuel industry,

Uncooked beef roasts fell 8.1%, and uncooked beef steaks dropped 7.4%. Pork roasts, steaks, and ribs slipped 5.1%, and bacon ticked down 1.1%.

Bacon fell 1.8%. Uncooked beef roasts fell 1.3%, and uncooked ground beef dropped 0.9%. Chicken, overcoming some supply issues, went down 0.8%, while fresh fish and seafood dropped 1.4%. Potatoes also got 1.4% cheaper, and margarine prices fell 2.3%.

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