Foreign intel agencies monitored our election – important intel to share


General Flynn joined Lou Dobbs on his Fox show last night and came out with a surprise announcement. He said that other nations’ intelligence agencies monitored our election and are “more than willing to share the intel” with the President.

They have important intelligence to share…and soon.

Foreign influence is not esoteric, the General said. This is an ongoing cyberattack and an act of war. It’s a perilous situation right now.


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Dance Dance Dance
Dance Dance Dance
2 years ago

But we are all comrades on the globalist utopia plantation so why would they spy on us?
Don’t they love us for being so “historic” and full of goodthink feelz?
Intel? Bwahaha! What a golden age of comedy.

Rhetorical is FUN
Rhetorical is FUN
2 years ago

Hmm…I wonder if they had any help from a fifth column of American hating true believers?
Hmm…so Hmm.

Eric the Constitutionalist
Eric the Constitutionalist
2 years ago

I remember the President of Brazil Bolsonaro once said he believes there is a voter fraud in the November US presidencial election and he has the evidence in his possession