Foreigners Get Voter Registration Forms, Of Course They Do


Iraqi refugee Mohammed Saadi Khudhair Al-Ani will be a great American citizen when he gets his papers. He is not a citizen now.

While eligible to apply for American citizenship in June, Al-Ani is a green card holder and, therefore, not authorized to vote in U.S. elections. Given this fact, he was baffled when he received a voter registration form in his mailbox late last month, states The Federalist.

“I’m a refugee and don’t really know anything about voting and all that stuff,” Al-Ani told The Federalist. There’s much more:

Documents provided to The Federalist show the form Al-Ani received was sent by the Voter Participation Center (VPC), a left-wing nonprofit that seeks to register Democrat-favorable demographics to vote. On the mailing envelope, the group lists its return address as that of Lansing’s Charles E. Chamberlain Federal Building and U.S. Post Office, which houses tenets such as the Federal Highway Administration.

Al-Ani said he has never engaged with VPC or any other voter registration groups.
Included in the mailing is a notice instructing recipients how they can register to vote using the provided form. It also contained a QR code individuals can scan with their phone or tablet and takes them to the Michigan Department of State’s voter registration portal.

“According to our review of publicly available records, someone at this address might not be registered to vote,” the mailing reads. Al-Ani said he has resided at his current address for “a little over a year” and lives alone.

VPC includes a stamped, self-addressed envelope. The VPC CEO, Tom Lopach’s team is very thoughtful and filled in some information for him. How nice. The Federalist has the documents.

They include a warning not to vote if they are not citizens, so why do they send it to foreign nationals?

Mr. Lopach told The Federalist, “We encourage all mail recipients to check their current voter registration status and to ensure that they are eligible to legally vote.”

They cover themselves.

Democrats do everything in their power to make elections insecure. This is just one of many approaches.

VPC Is Sketchy

The elections in almost every state are very close. A handful of cheating voters can make a huge difference.

According to InfluenceWatch, VPC “runs a direct-mail program that targets ‘unmarried women, minorities and millennials’ with voter registration mailings and phone calls.” Critics have described the group’s efforts as “imprecise, misleading, ineffective, and potentially illegal.”

Meanwhile, Lopach is a “longtime Democratic political operative” who “has ties with the Kennedy family” and previously began “his career working as a fundraiser for Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA),” according to InfluenceWatch.

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