Former AG believes prosecutors laid a trap for AG Bill Barr


Former Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker suspects the prosecutors on the Roger Stone case deliberately laid a “trap” for Attorney General Bill Barr.

The four prosecutors are tied to the Mueller probe and appear partisan.

“It is very clear from [Barr’s] interview they had told him that they were going to do quite the opposite, then did exactly what he had said ‘no, let’s go another direction’ or a decision had been made, and they went another direction anyway,” he explained on Fox News’s “The Ingraham Angle.”

He added, “This seems to be a little bit of a setup to cause this exact kerfuffle. Very much choreographed.”


In an ABC News interview earlier that day, Barr explained that he’d expressed to the prosecutors his concerns about the “excessive” nine-year sentence they’d been seeking for Stone, an ally of Donald Trump’s.

Barr was “shocked” by the recommendation and acted to re-file. The four Mueller prosecutors resigned from the case.

“I was very surprised,” he said to ABC News. “And once I confirmed that that’s actually what we filed, I said that night, to my staff, that we had to get ready cause we had to do something in the morning to amend that and clarify what our position was.”

The President tweeted his outrage over the recommendation. The Speaker said the President abused his power again. And now the Attorney General will have to testify to the House Judiciary Committee in March.


Some Democrats, like the fake Indian Elizabeth Warren, are demanding they resign or they will be impeached.

The Jerrold Nadler committee wrote, “In the past week alone, you have taken steps that raise grave questions about your leadership of the Department of Justice. These include … the decision to overrule your career prosecutors and significantly reduce the recommended sentence for Roger Stone, who has been convicted for lying under oath, at the apparent request of the President — a decision that led to all four prosecutors handling the case to withdraw from the proceedings in protest.”

That is not what happened.

It’s another trap and another scandal.

Democrats are claiming the AG is a lie. That has trended for two days.

The Democrats are planning another impeachment and are looking for the right issue. The plan is to wear us all down so we don’t show up to vote or choose to vote for one of their awful candidates.


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