Former communist said in 2017 Dems want to control all aspects of your life


David Horowitz, a former communist, said in 2017, that the Democratic Party’s plan is to control everything. Their goal of Single-Payer means the government will have control of your life.

Can you see it now?

Since then, we have extensive voter corruption, the goal of destroying our energy sector, silencing us, and disarming us.

He notes in this clip that communists always called themselves progressives to hide what they are.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

Aspiring zoo animals support the left.

There is nothing standing in the way of the movement. Those who we thought were on our side must be removed and replaced with decent Americans.

Horowitz is a fine man.

Trotsky's Icepick
Trotsky's Icepick
3 years ago

Many people have been sounding the alarm for years.
The Big Steal launched the second Bolshevik Revolution 100 years later.
Reagan is gone, the Iron Lady is gone, we are on our own.
YOU are the cavalry.
Look on the bright side as no takes out more commies than their fellow traveler comrades.
Cancel culture started with the airbrushing out of photos those who fell out of favor with Uncle Joe Stalin and they were cancelled completely as in no longer here among the living.
True believers can never stop the purity purges and will end up eating their own as evil always does.