Donald Trump Jr wants you to read this string of tweets


Donald Trump Jr. shared the link to an extensive collection of tweets below that expose the Left. In the tweets, reporters and other prominent personalities immediately blamed white men for the terror attack in a Boulder grocery store. Don Jr. called this a “must-read thread.”

Everywhere you turn, the media and the Democrats are calling all white people racists and white supremacists. It’s clearly used to keep us divided and diminish the power of the majority.

It is very serious and dangerous.

Caleb Hull was efficient enough to republish the string of lies and propaganda that Twitter somehow thinks is okay while canceling conservatives for far less.

The Boulder shooter is not of the white race. The killer — Ahmad Aliwi Al Issa — is a devout Muslim born in Syria who came here at a very young age. His motive is still unknown and he appears to have mental problems. He also admired ISIS.

In the end, what matters are the lost lives, why he did it, why he passed a background check despite a violent 2018 crime on his record, and how we can directly affect people like him.

Look at What the Left Put Out on Twitter:

Meena Harris is Kamala Harris’s niece.

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2 years ago

Instead of creating new laws to make law abiding gun owners criminals, maybe Democrats should find out why the stupid laws they have created already don’t work. Maybe it’s because criminals don’t care about the law and they have people so worried about being “cancelled” they won’t say anything about someone who isn’t a White male.

Potemkin Village Society
Potemkin Village Society
2 years ago

He did use the I’ll report you for hate crimes that’s racist card when bullying other students and citizens in the glorious utopian people’s republic of Boulder.
Maybe they need a sharper edge on the gun free zone sign?
That way you could pluck it off of the post and use it as a weapon. (racist!)
Ol’ Whitey (racist!) is on the great leap forward chopping block because he will put up a fight and knows what a hell on earth disaster communism really is.