Former Detroit Mayor Sent to Prison for 28 Years Endorses Trump


Kwame Kilpatrick, former Detroit Democratic Mayor and ally of Barack Obama, once endorsed by Obama, endorsed President Donald Trump on Saturday. Mr. Kilpatrick was sentenced in federal court to 28 years to life in prison for public corruption in 2013.

In his latest trial, which ended in March, Kilpatrick was found guilty on 24 counts related to bid-rigging, extortion, and bribery. He has already been jailed three times.

Kilpatrick’s attorneys also countered with a request for 15 years in prison or less, which is more common for public corruption cases involving government officials sentenced in the past decade. “We may see, if not the longest, some of the longest sentences that have been given out anywhere in this country for public corruption,” former federal prosecutor Peter Henning told WXYZ-TV.

But prosecutors argued on Thursday that Kilpatrick’s past behavior warranted more punishment from Edmunds. They cited mayoral scandals that weren’t addressed in the trial, like Kilpatrick’s leasing of a Lincoln Navigator for his wife using city funds, as well as more recent violations.

President Trump commuted Kwame Kilpatrick’s prison sentence before he left office in January 2021. Based on the information he was given, he gave him a second chance at life.

Mr. Kilpatrick has been doing well. A Memphis nonprofit highlighting the human element in the push for prison reform made the former Detroit mayor their executive director. He is also a pastor.

However, the Feds are targeting his assets for the money he owes.

He endorsed Donald Trump for president.

“I can never thank President Trump enough for what he’s done for me and my family by giving me freedom. But I believe this election and the issues involved are personal to every family and every person in America.”

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