Former DNI Ratcliffe states the obvious, the 2020 election is unfair


During an interview today with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures, the former DNI under Donald Trump, John Ratcliffe, brought up the forbidden subject of election integrity. He made note of HR1 as something that would happen in socialist countries.

“I think we implemented rules in the pandemic and what we saw even weeks before the election were voting procedures that were changed. And I don’t think that was fair and I think that contributed to the ability for fraud to be perpetuated in any number of ways.

“And the most important thing, Maria, when we talk about election integrity, is that the American people believe that there is election integrity. And HR1 just doubled-down on the concerns that Americans have right now that elections aren’t fair that they’re being controlled and the outcome of one person, one vote isn’t what we’re seeing.

“And again, that’s what happens in socialist countries.”

At least someone has the guts to tell the truth.




  1. We are worse off then a banana republic, with a demented puppet in charge who cannot even read a teleprompter.

  2. There have been a host of people willing to tell the truth but have been ignored by the press and the courts. Patriots must realize the rule of law is dead and the only justice will come from the muzzles of their guns.

  3. Gee whiz Ratcliffe – maybe you could have made public your intelligence report BEFORE the theft rather than SLOW WALKING IT. Whatever, you HYPOCRITE.

  4. The election fraud was so pervasive in scope on such a massive scale (millions of votes flipped, etc.) that is very hard for people to wrap their heads around it. It is like the Big Lie only a thousand times worse. Patriots, for now, must HOLD THE LINE while watching, observing carefully, and preparing in case Plan B is needed. Plan B is us.

  5. I am a hater. I can’t stand REDS and will never reconcile or make friends with them.
    There is no common ground or forgiveness EVER.
    If it is to the fiery furnace because of that then so be it.

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