Former DNI Ric Grennell, MAGA hero, still locked out of his account


Twitter is slowing down tweets in advance of the election and Facebook is churning up their censorship. I’m not saying this, they are. They claim they don’t want to affect the election.

The fact that President Trump wants to alter section 230 has to play into this.

Former DNI Rick Grennell is locked out of his account over a tweet that looks perfectly innocent. We can’t imagine what’s wrong with it.


Grennell’s account was locked after he shared an image of ballots sent to him by a friend in California. They were addressed to his parents and he says they have been dead for ten years.

“He’s my friend in California, a very close friend of mine. It’s his parents who were sent these ballots, and he gave me the photo, and he gave me permission.”

“This is my position. If Twitter is going to employ someone who is going to be so concerned about community action, and me posting a photo that they’re concerned about — their community action focus should be at the Los Angeles County register of voters, who are sending dead people ballots, [people] who have been dead for ten years.”

“Twitter has now responded back to me to say that you can delete the photo and the tweet and repost it after you black out their address. Well, I’m not doing that because I have permission, and they have no right to ask me to do that.”

[That sounds like a phony excuse]

Anything and everything about mail-in voting and COVID is censored in some way to some degree. I can attest to that. Even when it’s 100% accurate they’ve taken it down or called it partly false for ridiculous reasons.

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