Former Ed Secretary Betsy De Vos: ‘1619 project is not history’


Betsy De Vos addressed the issue of the 1619 Project in two recent interviews. She was very blunt.

Nikole Hannah-Jones, the author of the 1619 Project, is pushing to have this falsified history taught in all schools in the United States. The NY Times is preparing lessons and it’s already in place in 3500 schools.

It’s a complete fabrication from 1619-on.

Jones absurdly claims it is a free speech issue.

Former education secretary Betsy DeVos was asked about this in an interview.

FOX News reports that Betsy DeVos blasted Randi Weingarten’s defense of critical race theory, saying “1619 Project is not history.”

The Left claims a ship that came over in 1619 represents the true founding and the country is based on slavery.

It is true a ship came in with several slaves in 1619 but the colonists were opposed to slavery and made them indentured servants for a few years and then freed them.

The 1619 project is based on the belief that the first importation of the slaves to American shores in 1619 constituted the nation’s true founding, and suggests “that the reason for the founding of our country was to perpetuate slavery,” DeVos said.

“Let’s be really clear. The 1619 Project is not history… it denies 1776 and our constitution and our founding documents and the goal of forming a more perfect union,” the Trump education secretary said.

“Of course we need to teach history. We need to teach about slavery,” she said, “but we also need to teach how our country has continued to aspire for and work toward a more perfect union. And the answer to racism and discrimination in our country is not to then adopt another form of racism, which is exactly what the 1619 Project suggests.”

DeVos also took a swipe at teacher unions.

Watch the clip below:

De Vos, “We have failed kids across the country”

In a Monday interview with MacCallum, Weingarten tried to blame the Trump administration for months of extended school closures and distance learning in the name of COVID safety.

DeVos responded on Tuesday, calling Weingarten’s attempt to pass the buck “an outright lie,” adding the Trump administration “knew last spring that it was safe for kids to be back in school.”

DeVos didn’t mince words when it came to evaluating the state of play for America’s students through the beginning of the Biden administration:

“We have failed kids across this country. I worry for the future of the country when this is how we’re treating the most valuable asset we have, our children, they’re our future. It’s just been heartbreaking to hear some of these stories, to see some of these things first hand. There is no excuse.”

The Truth About 1619


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Happy Cry vs Crappy High
Happy Cry vs Crappy High
2 years ago

Failed? Racist!