Former ICE Director and the Plan to Run the Biggest Deportation Op Ever Seen


Brian Kilmeade interviewed Tom Homon, Donald Trump’s Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, who told Kilmeade if Donald Trump returns to the White House, he will help him run the biggest deportation operation the world has ever seen.

“In the last year and a half, we got nearly 30,000 Chinese nationals, most of them military-age males,” Homan said, raising alarms. “That just scares the hell out of everybody.”

“The numbers keep growing. This administration has the same data points you and I had; you’d think that — China is not our friend; they’re creating a precursor to fentanyl. They’re selling to the criminal cartels in Mexico that have killed over 110,000 Americans. But this president hasn’t held China accountable.”

He continued. “I’ve done this job for over three decades. I’ve never seen numbers anywhere near this.  This is drastic. This is the biggest national security failure that I’ve seen in this country since 911. This is historic.”

And as Kilmeade said, “And they can’t tell you how many Hamas and Hezbollah or Islamic Jihad are also coming across our border. Wait till things start blowing up.”

Kilmeade then asked Homan if he would be willing to serve in the Trump administration in 2024 if he wins the election.

He said he would, and he’d run the largest deportation operation the world has ever seen.

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