Former ICE director drops a bombshell followed by a terrifying leaked email


The former Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Tom Homan published an opinion editorial on Fox News Friday with a chilling warning about the Biden administration creating a crisis at America’s southern border in record time.

In only 40 days, Biden has caused a desperate crisis meant to change the United States forever.

Homan noted, that the former president ended the past crisis at the border in part by obtaining agreements with Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. He also started building a wall to slow illegal entry. Trump’s Remain in Mexico Program with the Title 42 designation kept people out. Also, DJT ended the catch and release policy and removed enticements that lure vulnerable people here.

Biden destroyed all of the above “in an effort to appease the open borders progressive left.”

“There is a surge of illegal immigrants at our border right now and we have already lost control.  There are over 4,000 apprehensions a day and an additional 700 to 1,000 “got-aways,” according to the Border Patrol,” Homan writes. [Mark Morgan says it’s now up to 5,000 a day.]

He warned that Biden is creating a surge of illegal immigrants at our southern border that will be unprecedented.

In an interview with Fox News host Brian Kilmeade, Homan dropped a bombshell:

“Last year, Mexico received $40 BILLION in remittances from people working in the United States illegally, who sent money back to Mexico. $40 billion, during the year of the pandemic!”

“Of course the Mexican president wants to send more people here, because he doesn’t have to take care of them, he doesn’t have to provide social services, he doesn’t have to train them. ‘Send them to the United States, so they can send us even more than $40 billion,’” Homan declared.

In a leaked email, Tim Perry, chief of staff at ICE, gave instructions to ICE leadership in 19 bullet points. It included what Perry called DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ “vision.”

This is what Homan saw:
  • ICE leadership under Biden is actively planning for an out-of-control situation at the border and already calling it a “surge.”
  • Leaders are instructed to spend whatever money is needed to transport those who cross into the U.S. illegally into the interior of the country and release them as soon as possible.
  • End contracts for detention that actually have detention standards and try to contract with Target to get detention capacity at man camps that are typically used to house oil field workers and have no ICE detention standards at all.
  • Sworn officers and fences are to be avoided.
  • They want social services and mass release on ATD (Alternatives to Detention), because it takes three to seven years to deport someone who is not in custody.
  • They want everyone released despite the fact that the DOJ website says that eight or nine out of 10 Central Americans will not get asylum relief awarded by the courts because they don’t qualify or don’t show up in court.
  • All will get amnesty based on the new Biden amnesty bill.
  • The email is all about processing people as quickly as possible and releasing them
  • In the email, there is no mention of consequence. They did not discuss any deterrence to gain control of the border.





  1. I have not heard a word about this from that despicable betrayer China Mitch, but he spent a lot of time blaming Trump for things that never happened.

  2. Congratulations all you Biden voters! I hope you’re happy now. The things you wanted to hurt Conservatives and Trump supporters hurts you, too!

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