Former InfoWars reporter Millie Weaver arrested on several felony charges


A former correspondent for Infowars, currently an independent reporter, was arrested on Friday, along with her boyfriend, as she was about to release her documentary, ‘Shadowgate.’

Known professionally as Millennial Millie, Millie Weaver and Gavin Wince were arrested, for multiple felonies — process crimes.

According to, Portage County Jail in Ravenna, Ohio, on Saturday confirmed that Millicent Weaver, 29, is being held on charges of robbery, tampering with evidence, obstructing justice, and domestic violence. Her boyfriend, 45-year-old Gavin Wince, is also being held on the same charges.

Ms. Weaver said she was arrested for broadcasting information from two government whistleblowers.

The couple will be out of jail tomorrow.


For her part, 29-year-old Millicent Weaver said they were “SWAT teamed for a documentary exposing Brennan & Clapper still running Obama’s disinformation campaign created by Executive Order before leaving office in 2017.”

‘Shadowgate’ is a film claiming a group of individuals, including contractors, were behind the attempt to take down the administration.

Allegedly, a grand jury indicted them on the felony charges.

Weaver was working with a man named PFC Bergy, who said that Weaver had helped him put the video, ‘Shadowgate,’ together. It is unclear if the charges have anything to do with the movie or research or association.

Millie’s boyfriend, Gavin, can be heard off-camera telling her, “We’re being charged with burglary.”

“Burglary?” she responded. “For what?”

“They won’t say,” he answered.”

Both seemed shocked by the burglary charge. Miss Weaver said in the video below, which covered part of the arrest, that she had no idea why she was being arrested and that she was “about to break huge breaking news” with the film, ‘Shadowgate.’

The video has been shared thousands of times.


Weaver, a former aspiring actress, joined InfoWars in 2012, left InfoWars, and has increased her national profile since then. Her YouTube channel has more than 423,000 subscribers. The film in question was ‘liked’ 566,000 times as of today. Her Instagram account includes photographs of her inside the White House earlier this year, claiming that she was invited by “White House Staff” to tour the West Wing, reported.

Her Twitter account has 180,000 followers but at the time of this writing, it was taken down.

She is considered far-right by the media. Her video was released after her arrest.

The film was taken down by youtube and described as hate speech. Click on the link and see what you think. I have only listened to half of it but only saw whistleblowers making claims — no hate.

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