Former Israel Official Says Their Wall Brought Illegal Immigration to ZERO! TAKE THE WALL POLL!


Take the poll at the end. We would love to know if you think the President will get his wall.

David Rubin, the former mayor of Shiloh, Israel, told Tucker Carlson on his show last night that walls do work, they worked in Israel, and it’s time to build one along the United States border.

Israelis are thrilled with their wall, even those on the left who were opposed to a wall originally. Israel went from 55,000 illegals in a year, a lot for a tiny country, to zero in 2017. No one is getting past that wall.

At one point, they raised the height of the wall.

The push for the wall was grassroots. People in Tel Aviv were getting too many criminals and too much crime in from Africa.

“Everybody is happy that we don’t have illegal immigration in Israel,” Rubin told Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Rubin slammed dopes like O-Cortez who call walls racist.

“It’s an obscene comparison I’ve heard too many times from the left,” said Rubin, the author of “Trump and the Jews.”Some of the Israeli left were complaining and even accusing the Israeli government of racism, but now, nobody is complaining. Everybody is happy that we don’t have illegal immigration.”

He’s telling us the obvious to everyone but the leftist ideologues.


Hillary must be racist!

If we are racists for wanting a wall, then so is Hillary Clinton.

There are those leftists who can convince us that open borders are great. They have these creative ways to convince us. Look at this clip, and tell us if you are convinced.



  1. It’s ludicrous that we even NEED an Israeli to tell us that a physical barrier to entry will prevent folks entering.

    Democrats have trained us to spend STAGGERING amounts of time and energy just to establish common sense facts that should simply be the baseline upon which to START the conversation. They got us accepting, as natural, that we have to fight out the meaning of “is” before we can even begin to address an issue. So we never actually get to the point.

    Never mind the fact that the Dems all have their OWN walls, to keep the riff raff off THEIR lawns. But you know…wall don’t work.

    • Is that just trolling? I’m all for immigration. Without it I wouldn’t have been born in the USA! But my people did it legally! And I expect the rest to do the same.

  2. Israel is tiny so a Wall is easier for them. For the USA, the Wall isn’t about keeping people out. It’s about knowing who comes in. We want people to come in legally, through our ports of entry. Is it too much to ask people to sign the guest book as they enter?

    Also, if people entering illegally were Republican voters, Democrats would be at the border with machine guns.

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